The Ghost Influence Podcast: How Viral Happens On Reddit

An interview series breaking down the stories behind viral content, sharing what happened when it took off, and showing how the attention is being leveraged into something meaningful. Whether for marketing, fame, or influence — we deconstruct the art and science behind massive exposure only platforms like reddit can foster. Listen, learn, leverage.
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The Ghost Influence Podcast: How Viral Happens On Reddit


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Nov 25, 2015

Andrin von Rechenberg wanted to play video games on his computer and he wanted to use his smartphone as the controller. Unable to find an existing solution, Andrin sought out to create his own and within just two days — he had. He didn't see this as a weekend project, he saw it as a business opportunity and founded N-Dream. The newly recruited team got to work turning a weekend project into a full fledged platform — Air Console.

In this interview Rafael Morgan, the team's Product Manager, shares how Air Console evolved from an idea into something much bigger.

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